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I'm making something amazing for you

I remember all to well how overwhelmed I felt when I first began to realise that my daughter is autistic. The only thing I knew about autism was what the media told me – that it was something to be feared and that I should be very worried about it. 

I panicked. I googled. I spent a lot of unnecessary money on things I didn’t need and that wouldn’t help my daughter.

Scared woman sitting by window with a cup of tea

Fortunately, very soon after this I set up a charity to support parents and carers of autistic children. For the next ten years after that, I helped thousands of parents find their way on their autism journey. During this time I also learned that I am autistic, and I found my feet with parenting my own autistic child.

For many years now, I’ve been providing training for parents and carers to share my knowledge. However, a Zoom session here and there only touches the tip of the iceberg of supporting your autistic child. 

Now it’s time to create a community for parents and carers who want to grow in confidence, skills and assertiveness. It’s time for the Autism Success Roadmap.

illustration of woman on autism journey with path and mountains ahead

I can take you from fearful to fierce!

I want to stop your panic and reduce your worries. I want to teach you what I know from my experiences as an autistic person, a parent of an autistic child and as the supporter of thousands of parents and carers. 

I’m creating an online community to make this happen. A big part of this community will be training, which will include templates, worksheets and videos to guide you every step of the way. The foundation of the community is the Autism Success Roadmap, which looks like this:

The autism success roadmap

Moving at your own pace, over time, you can go from wherever you are now to being a confident, assertive parent, carer or guardian. You’ll go from being stuck and spinning your wheels to moving forward with grace and positivity. You’ll stop wasting money, time and energy on things that don’t work and you’ll start moving forward.

Sound good? Please see below for how you can join me on this exciting journey. 

Become a Founding Member of the Autism Success Roadmap Community

The first stage of creating this community is to help me understand what you need right now. Although I have vast experience in supporting parents like you, I don’t want to assume that I know what YOU need. 

Right now I’m looking for 30 people who will join me and work with me to create the Autism Success Roadmap community. In return for your thoughts and ideas, I’m giving a deep discount on the monthly membership. As a Founding Member of the community, you’ll pay just £15 per month. This is your price forever and it will never go up BUT you only have until 5pm on Monday 8th May to get in at this price. 

At first (May-July 2023), you will get:

  • a private Facebook group where we will support each other
  • ‘lives’ with me once a week in this group
  • Q&As with me in this group
  • a weekly Founding Member Zoom chat to learn exactly what you need for wherever you are on your autism journey*

From July, the programme will launch to the general public and will be expanded to include:

  • A continually updated library of training videos categorised by the stages of the autism journey
  • Live training and special events
  • Exercises, plans and templates to help you get things done
  • Carefully curated resources to support you with everything you need to do
  • New monthly content
  • A monthly Zoom support group hosted by me
Click on the membership button to join me:

£15 for a monthly membership for the Success Roadmap, billed each month. As a Founding Member, this is your price for life; it will never increase. When the community fully launches in July, the price will be £24 per month. Sign up now! This special price is only valid until 5pm on Monday 8th May. 

* Members who take part in these sessions will go into a prize draw for a free lifetime membership!